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What is
Comet BioGreen?

Comet BioGreen takes pride in providing high-quality biomass products to our customers. Our establishment was in the year of 2020. We’ve been working in the waste management industry and gained years of experience in this area. Our company has been striving to bring our customers the quality of the goods and services they deserve. Thus, our company is a major licensed water recycler in Penang since the 1990s.

We choose to build up a company due to the increasing demand for palm kernel shells and wood pellets. The growing demand for this biomass is a big step towards caring for the earth. We have been an established company by focusing on expanding palm kernel shell business in Malaysia.

We have partnerships with large plantation and oil mills across Malaysia to ensure we can cater to everybody’s needs. Together with a strong management team with experience in the biomass industry, we can strive for a better tomorrow.

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    Plot 224, Jalan Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 7,
    Bukit Minyak Industrian Park, Mukim 13,
    14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.


Comet biogreen is poised to be one of the most prominent industry player in the promotion of the benefits of biomass and organic wastes.


Creating awareness through multiple channels the potential of biomass as a critical and renewable fuel source of the 21st century."

behind the scene

Our History

Comet BioGreen was firstly introduced to the trading of waste paper. Later on, we started trading in wood pellets on the year of 2017. We then focused on the international market and made our first shipment overseas to Japan in 2018. One year later, we started expanding our local warehouses by opening more in Sarawak and Sabah via a partnership. And, here we are today, In the year of 2020, we have ventured into parm kernel shells trading due to increasing demand.


Core Values

C Create opportunities for the industry and the nation to reap the benefits of biomass.
O Organize a strong corporate team to help drive biomass products to new heights.
M Making sure of all our activities are compliant and towards a better future for all.
E Enhance and integrate biomass into as many industrial sectors as possible.
T Together, through sheer will and determination build a solid foundation for biomass.


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