Wood Pellets: the Basics

What Are Wood Pellets?

Wood pellets are made from the compacted sawdust and industrial waste from the manufacture of wood products and milling of lumber. Wood pellets are widely used because they are extremely efficient, renewable and most importantly 100% natural ! Do you know many industries save at least a quarter just by using wood pellets instead of the traditional fuel?

wood pellets
wood pellets
Wood Pellets: the Advantages

What's So Great About Wood Pellets?

Wood pellets are different from normal fuel. When you burn wood pellets, you’re doing the mother nature a big favour. These pellets are carbon neutral. Why? Because they are made with sustainably harvested wood, and they emit so much lesser carbon than a decomposing tree. 

The great features about wood pellets include:
  • Clean and green. Wood pellets are a new kind of renewable energy made to replace coal and natural gas. It’s environmentally-friendly too.
  • High combustion efficiency. Its low moisture content allows itself to be burnt easily. The combustion efficiency is up to 80%, and the heat of burning a ton of biomass wood pellets is equivalent to 0.8 tons of coal.
  • Convenience in transportation and storage. After undergoing the process of compressing, biomass wood pellets can be conveniently packed and transported, which can save a lot of space and money.
  • Safety in use. Biomass wood pellets are produced from virgin wood and natural crop straw, free of any chemicals, so it won’t cause poisoning, blast, or leak accidents.
  • Sustainability. After burning the wood pellets, the ash could be used as fertilizer to promote the growth of plants. 
Wood Pellets: Experts

The Pellet Experts

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