Palm kernel shells: the Basics

What Are Palm Kernel Shells?

Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) are the shells fractions left after the nut has been removed after undergoing the crushing process in the palm oil mill.Due to the rapid development of palm oil industries in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, the abundance of theme biomass resources keeps increasing. However, the utilisation of these palm kernel shells is quite low. Hence, it appears to be an attractive renewable energy fuel in Southeast Asia.

palm kernel shells
Palm Kernel Shells: the Advantages

What's So Great About Palm Kernel Shells?

Overall, palm kernel shells are a good quality biomass with easy handling and limited biological activity due to low moisture content.

The great features about palm kernel shells include:

  • High combustion efficiency. PKS has almost the same combustion efficiency as wood pellets. It contains residues of palm oil, too, making it slightly higher heating value than average biomass. 
  • Widely available and cheap. Indonesia and Malaysia are the two main producers of PKS. Indonesian oil palm plantations cover 12 million hectares in Indonesia and 5 million hectares in Malaysia. The number of PKS produced from both countries has exceeded 15 million tons per year.
Palm kernel shells: Experts

The Kernel Experts

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