Wood Chips: the Basics

What Are Wood Chips?

Wood Chips are generally small bits of wood as the result of chipping pieces off of a larger piece of wood. With the right equipment, every part of a tree can be turned into chips. Once the wood has been turned into chips, it is easier to transport and easier to sell due to its small size.  

wood chips
Wood Chips: the Advantages

What's So Great About Wood Chips?

Wood chips are the cheapest form of heating compared to other biomass. Due to its high degree of automation, wood chips can be produced cheaply and without much effort. Even most farmers use wood chips for the heating of their own.

The great features about wood chips include:

  • Renewable. Just like solar, water, and wind power, wood chips is a dependable energy resource.
  • Low emission of carbon dioxide. Compared to burning conventional fossil fuel, wood chips emit so much lesser carbon dioxide in providing a much cleaner burning process.
  • Convenience in transportation and storage. Wood chips can be safely stores in the form of chips without any potential energy loss. The amount of energy that can be emitted from it depends on the heat content of the wood chips when it is dry.
Wood Chips: Experts

The Chips Experts

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