Palm Kernel Cake: the Basics

What Is Palm Kernel Cake?

Palm Kernel Cake is an agro-industrial by-product obtained from oil extraction from countries such as Malaysia, Nigeria, and Indonesia. During the processing of palm fruits, palm oil, palm kernel cake, and meal are produced in the process of extraction. Palm kernel cake contains 5-12% oil. It has been used as a feed for various livestock production.

Palm Kernel Cake: the Advantages

What's So Great About Palm Kernel Cake?

Palm kernel cake is a feed that is high in fiber. Among other similar fodders, palm kernel cake is ranked a little higher than copra cake and cocoa pod husk.

The great features about palm kernel cake include:

  • Effect of feeding palm kernel cake on dairy cattle. Feeds is a vital factor affecting milk production and animal performance which, constitutes about 70 % of the total cost of enterprises. Hence, by using fro-industrial by-products helps a long way in minimizing the cost of feeds by using a cheaper alternative source of energy and protein without having any side effects on animal productivity.
  • Cheaper. Agro-industrial by-products are the first step to minimizing the cost of feeds. This alternative is able to replace expensive conventional feed, such as maize and soybean meal. It is indeed more economical that meets the nutrient requirements of livestock.
Palm Kernel Cake: Experts

Kernel Cake

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