BioChar: the Basics

What Is BioChar?

BioChar is environmentally-friendly charcoal that is produced by burning organic material from agricultural or biomass waste. BioChar is quite a stable solid that is rich in carbon and can endure in soil for thousands of years. Despite looking a lot like common charcoal, biochar is produced to reduce contamination and safely store carbon.

BioChar: the Advantages

What's So Great About BioChar?

Soil degradation is a major concern in agriculture globally. To address this issue, researchers suggested applying biochar to degraded soils in order to enhance its quality.

Some of the ways how biochar can help include:

  • Improve soil fertility. Beneficial bacteria and fungi are essential to soil’s health. The presence of biochar helps these microbes flourish.
  • Better water retention and drainage. Biochar helps the soil to hold on to moisture better. Hence, it can keep soil bacteria and fungi alive despite a hot summer.
  • Absorption of soil pollutants. It can potentially help to repair contaminated soils by holding onto the metals.
biochar: Experts

The BioChar Experts

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